Accidents on the broken bridge of El Quelite river have been because there are no warning signs


Faced with the closure maintained by the officials of the federal agency, the residents and leaders of the primary sector analyze raising their voices louder and even taking over the offices

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The accidents registered at the height of the broken bridge of the Quelite river, are clear evidence that there are no preventive signals and at a certain distance by the SCT, or even the National Guard that refers to those who travel on the Free highway that there is an interruption and more at night, expressed José Antonio Lizárraga Rivera.

The president of the Union of El Quelite of southern Sinaloa, said that there are already four accidents, where motorists who are not from the region are unaware of this problem on the federal street, and that is why they leave with the feint and move confidently falling to the river, and the only signposting referents are very close to the cliff.

“They, to begin with, must have signs about 300, 400 meters where they say there is no pass, they do not have any signs, they have it on top where they threw the earth, where they blocked us for the ford, we are talking, a person who does not You know, it falls there, you go above the ground, that’s why they went and fell to the river, the truth is that it is reckless, we are right now thinking about going and taking the offices because it is not fair that they are happening this type of accidents ”.

He said that this break in the road section has already caused accidents, where fortunately there have been no fatalities and that gives an important win to the SCT, but they do not speed up to solve this problem and the worst thing is that they remain distant from this situation.


The Mazatlan Post