La Calaca and La Catrina stroll through the streets of La Noria, Sinaloa


They celebrate in this syndicate the Day of the Dead with verbena, callejoneada and contest of altars

La Noria, Mazatlán.- “La Calaca was in La Noria, in the Sunday Tianguis, looking for a girl to make her dance”, so reads one of the skulls created to remember the deceased faithful during the first edition of the Festival of the Calaca and La Catrina in this receivership.

Marisol Lizárraga Lizárraga, president of the Committee of the El Habal-La Noria Tourist Circuit, said that, as part of the Day of the Dead, the people of the Norean created this festival to enhance Mexican traditions, but above all to strengthen coexistence in the town.

“Today we are going to celebrate it by starting the first edition and we hope it stays, so that people are motivated and that each year we strive more to bring out altars, offerings, that children participate, that are characterized as catrinas or catrines, about all the coexistence and the community that generates this type of event “.

On Monday night, in the streets of La Noria, Death was celebrated with band music, while La Calaca and La Catrina dressed in colorful costumes walked and visited the altars created to remember the people of Nore that are no longer on this earthly plane. .

A popular festival with rides and snacks such as square dinner, tamales, milk sweets, Pan de Muerto, cooked corn, cookies, coricos, and bottles of tequila; a callejoneada and a contest of altars with economic prizes were part of the party.

On the Day of the Dead, Lizárraga Lizárraga assured that in La Noria as in all of Mexico, in advance the inhabitants clean and paint the graves that keep the remains of their loved ones, and on November 2 in the community’s cemetery there is a pilgrimage.

In the first edition of the Calaca y la Catrina Festival in La Noria, organized by authorities, businessmen, and residents of the receivership, the designer Luis Antonio Ríos González, better known as “Momo”, participated with elegant dresses that Death wore proudly that night.

The Mazatlan Post