What is the main problem in the city of Mazatlán?


The mobility of the port is increasingly complicated, and although its problem is serious, there is a solution, say architects

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The population of Mazatlán suffers more and more in mobility, due to the fact that the roads are insufficient for the vehicle capacity that has skyrocketed in recent years, given the accelerated growth of new urban settlements, therefore, It requires adding a comprehensive plan to help correct this serious problem, said Sergio Alberto Ibarra Arreola.

The president of the College of Architects of southern Sinaloa, indicated that previously the points considered “bottlenecks” in traffic had been located, but in recent years this has been generalizing and the worst thing is that there are roads due to their directions don’t help to move from one point to another, in the commercial area of ​​the center, the problem is more serious.

“Mazatlán suffers a lot from roads, roads are a very complicated issue and especially for Mazatlán, remember that we are on a peninsula, the center is not the center, so those little big problems that you have in the city are of mobility, then and it is a bit very difficult to solve it, in Mazatlán it is serious but not for that reason there is no solution ”.

The president of the College of Architects of the South of Sinaloa said that he is in charge of joining forces and with the authorities to rethink the actions aimed at helping the city and port, because in a normal season the vehicle capacity is already slowed down in the arteries, in seasons Vacation will be a major problem, mainly in the Golden Zone, or tourist strip.

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