Sinaloan adorns his car with blood and a fake “body”; “This will not be tolerated,” says police


The Secretary of Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda, asserted that these types of situations will not be allowed that “generate concern in the population.”

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Before the celebration of Halloween, some people take the opportunity to dress up or decorate their homes and vehicles.

However, in Sinaloa, some citizens have gone too far representing scenes of violence.

The Secretary of Public Security of the State announced that a motorist filled his car with fake blood and placed a doll that simulated a corpse bagged and tied up.

Through social networks, the head of the SSPE, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, said that an operation was implemented to locate the citizen and ask him not to carry out this type of action.

He extended the call to society not to make this type of adornment and warned that this type of situation that “generates concern in the population” will not be allowed.

The agency also recalled that those people who use replica weapons as part of their Halloween costume will be admonished.

The Mazatlan Post