“Mazatlán requires change” Engineering has a large task at hand says, Garay


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The engineer was recognized with the award “José Manuel Covarrubias Solís”, Juan de Dios Garay, pointed out that the new change of state government, and with the experience of a local administration, may well now be the impetus to carry out the fundamental modernization

With the experience that the years give, knowing the difficulties and dragging the pencil in the profession, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, awarded the “José Manuel Covarrubias Solís” award, which is awarded annually by the Mexican Federation of Engineers Civilians, and that this 2021 was granted, admits that Mazatlán requires attention.

Celebran en Mazatlán el Día del Ingeniero

The real estate boom must be accompanied by road regulations

The former municipal official argues that the new change of state government, and with the experience of a local administration, may well now be the impetus to carry out the basic modernization, including urban mobility, even ending the risks of accidents, among them, the fight to get the train traffic out of the city.

“That investment be encouraged, for example, with the MZT Space projects, and the TMec project for the train and the port, which are things that would give the south a huge advantage, there would be another additional thing, I think the railroad should trying to remove it from its transit through the main cities, Mazatlán would give a huge communication life from north to south ”.

Garay Velázquez mentioned that the city must have a strong investment in updating the drainage and rainwater systems because in the measure of growth it must accompany the growth of the city in an orderly fashion. 

“This is a whole task that is limited to the engineering capacity to generate projects, but the economic issue, the private initiative will continue to invest,” said Garay Velázquez.

The engineer left two questions in the air for the municipal and state authority. Do the state and the municipality have the resources to accompany this development with the urban infrastructure that is required? And do you use the resources you have in a rational way in a planned way to accompany this growth?

Important investment

On the other hand, he stated that the growth of the Real Estate Boom began in the destination between 2007 and 2013 with the Mazatlán – Durango highway.

“There is a huge injection of capital, it has been said that 70 percent of the private investment that arrives in Sinaloa lands in Mazatlán, and it shows, we believe that Mazatlán has infrastructure for a while, but growth must be ordered to enjoy a good city, “he said.

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez said that there are many pending projects to continue detonating the southern area of ​​Sinaloa and improve mobility in Mazatlán but There are always two obstacles, the lack of resources and the lack of knowledge on the part of the government and businessmen about the benefit that this would represent.

Garay Velázquez indicates that civil engineers today have a firm task to do, and it is more than pending in the case of the port, which is to contribute to the support of development, including southern Sinaloa, as it is to reconquer the benefits that already exist. , including dams such as the Picachos, when the irrigation district was detonated, and the Santa María, to reconvert the vocation of the field.

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