Mazatlan’s rebirth through large tourism investments gives it a new international image


Over time, tourism has managed to surpass agriculture with the highest contribution to GDP

MAZATLÁN.- The city lives its tourist splendor. In recent years, investments of great importance have embellished and given Mazatlán a new image in the eyes of the world, from Paseo Olas Altas to the Golden Zone, where regular visitors can give an account of the abysmal change in public spaces, like the streets, to hotels, restaurants and condominium buildings.

In 2020, the pandemic affected the whole world, even so, investors continued to bet on the port and the work did not stop, giving a brighter face to the city, for example, the Malecón, and a Golden Zone that is recovering its shine.

One of the most emblematic hotels that the port has is undoubtedly the Hotel The Inn Mazatlán, on October 26 it celebrated 42 years of history because over time it has been able to adapt to the demands of national and international tourists.

Celebrate anniversary

The general manager of The Inn At Mazatlán, Arturo Richaud, indicated that they are celebrating the 42 anniversary of the resort, which over time has become an icon of the city, and now even more so with the striking blue mural.

“The hotel has 177 rooms distributed in four towers, practically everything has been remodeled and has been investing heavily in public areas such as rooms,” commented the manager.

Richaud commented that after placing a mural on the façade of the hotel, recently inaugurated as part of the Gastronomic and Cultural Corridor, they work on two more inside, which will give them an even fresher face and created by the same artist, the painter Sergio Ramírez.

“It represents a lot the idea of ​​gastronomy and what Mazatlán is today, with many projects to tackle the hotel is becoming a gastronomic corridor that will be ready for next year,” he commented.

About The Inn

This October 26, a mass and breakfast were held, where recognitions were given to the personnel who have worked for 15, 30, and up to 38 years in the lodging center.

Tourist context

The Inn At Mazatlán hotel has come a long way

With 40 rooms, the Hotel Cantamar opened its doors for the first time in Mazatlán in 1979, under the vision of its founder Mr. Robert Warren Barnes (DEP) and Shirley Thornton, partners of the place, who envisioned growth on the city’s shores Important with the passing of time and incidentally they became pioneers in the development of Timeshare in Mexico and the United States.

The Accommodation Center at the time managed to have a great impact on society, due to its success, the good service provided made the hotel expand and in the process, the name changed to Hotel The Inn Mazatlán.

In the 70s, Mazatlán managed to show an important muscle in the consolidation as a destination where it managed to have an intense promotion with 85 percent in hotel occupancy.

It was this year when Grupo ARHE acquired the hotel, which would change its face with a modernization of its exterior, as an interior in accordance with the times that people live in the city until it has 179 rooms divided into four towers that by their name make reference to cultures, ancient languages ​​, and civilizations the names are: Inca, Cora, Azteca, and Maya.

In 2018 the Tourist Tianguis would arrive in the City and hand in hand came the first transformation of The Inn At Mazatlán, where it presented its new and modern facade, which came to give it a pleasant face, refreshing the image of the area where it is located. locates the tourist complex between luxuries, details, and wide spaces. Hand in hand began the renovations in the rooms.


The destination managed to resist the lasting blow of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Mazatlán was closed for three months, the Mazatlan businessmen worked hand in hand with the state and municipal government to close the year in a good way.

Mazatlán managed, despite the pandemic, to be the destination with the best hotel occupancy with 72.0 percent. In addition, the hotel took the opportunity to remodel its areas such as; pools, meeting rooms, VIP lobby for members, executive meeting rooms, spa, barbershop, Papagayo restaurant, and a pool area for children.


Already for this year, Mazatlán is growing by leaps and bounds, the hotel The Inn At Mazatlán, presented a mural on its facade, inspired by the sea, accompanied by three dolphins by Sergio Ramírez from Rosario.

In addition, the new Gastronomic and Culture Corridor is already ready in the destination, which is designed to be a safe, quiet place and that will have an investment of approximately 1,300 million pesos.

The idea of ​​the Gastronomic Corridor is to be part of a modern urban reorganization with pedestrian crossings and will be located on Camarón Sábalo avenue in the Golden Zone and will be a space to taste the food of the restaurants.

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