Mazatlán’s “Day of the Dead” or “Halloween” Corseteria Femina has unique costumes (video)


* “Little Red Riding Hood”, Schoolgirl, Nun … uuuyuyuyy!

* The best in corsetry and costumes

For this “Day of the Dead” or “Halloween”, there are many festivities, from visiting our loved ones in the cemeteries with music, drinks and food, to raising altars, but there are also those who carry out events and dress up as witches and some women are “They wear very sexy outfits.”

Mrs. Virginia loaiza, wearing sexy clothes and costumes from “Fémina”, on Melchor Ocampo street, in the Center, shows us costumes of “Little Red Riding Hood”, Police, Schoolgirl, Maid, Nun, “Snow White”, Catwoman, Nurse, Pirate, Marinera and many other models that young women like who want to “shock” their friends, boyfriend, husband, and even for a lover.

Virginia says that the sexiest thing that is bought in this place is the “babydoll” by men to give it to the wife or perhaps to the “second front”. Femina the best in Mazatlan corsetry and the sexiest costumes.

Of all colors and prices, including other types of intimate clothing from the thong to the most extravagant bra. You lose nothing by taking an eyeball or imagining a libidinous afternoon or night.

Location: Corseteria Femina


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