Disaster waiting to happen, Mazatlan without hydrants for fighting fires


Firefighters raise the alarm: in the port, there are 99 water devices, of which only 59 work; Golden Zone and popular neighborhoods are unprotected

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Volunteer Fire Department launched the voice of alarm and concern: in Mazatlán there are only 99 hydrants, of which only 59 work, but the whole coastal area from Avenida del Mar there is none to face in case of fire in a condominium tower or a hotel.

The Commander of the Voluntary Fire Department, Édgar Peinado Beltrán, pointed out that there are many unsuitable hydrants, after having suffered a blow during a car accident or because they are broken or broken; others require maintenance and valve replacement; 20 percent do not have water and another 15 percent do not have enough pressure.

“ Of the total number of hydrants, most do work, but it is important to say that the vast majority of these hydrants are placed in new subdivisions, in popular neighborhoods there are very few we have, it means that in popular neighborhoods the city is unprotected in the supply of water ”.

If an emergency arises for that, we have the water supply through water trucks through alliances with Jumapam and Public Services.

“In the Golden Zone, there are no more than 10 fire hydrants, from Monos Bichis to Cerritos. Contrary to the Historic Center, where 7 hydrants were placed, near the Plazuela Machado, around the Municipal Palace and Mercado Pino Suárez “.

In addition, the Fire Department requires more personnel, equipment, training, and education given the exponential growth of the city and the construction of buildings with new technologies and flammable material. To which is added that the buildings are getting taller and there are no stairs that allow them to cover great heights.


There is no fire hydrant on Del Mar Avenue, despite the boom in the construction of towers and real estate developments there.

“There is no emergency water supply in the entire area of ​​Avenida Del Mar, in the Zona Dorada, there are very few, in Cerritos a few others, in the entire development zone, no more than 10 hydrants. But this does not mean that it will cause the service not to be given, however, the shortage of water in a fire situation is a very important factor, this can be the cause of these to spread more easily, “he said. .

Firefighters can implement all the strategies to attack the fire, but if they do not have water at the moment, that fire spreads. That is a reality.

” And for the fire of those magnitudes that can occur in condominiums or towers that are being built in Mazatlán, we would be very short .”

Given this, he made a call to the government, to the areas that have to validate that all security measures are complied with in these real estate projects.

“ If you ask me if I know if these towers are protected with fire systems, I would tell you that no, I don’t know, I as a Fire Department, because unfortunately, we are not a regulatory authority at the moment, we do not have any regulations. , no law that requires developers to come with us to find out whether or not they have these systems and the other, to know if they work or not, “he explained.

And is that all are required by the General Law of Civil Protection, the State and municipal regulations in addition to the official Mexican standards to have fire protection systems.


“ I believe that in development in general, all the areas that have to do with the development of Mazatlán must be involved in the security of the facilities that are being built because it cannot be possible that we have a very important real estate development in the Cerritos area and we don’t have a fire station ”.

He regretted that the Municipal Development Plan is focused on other things than security, such as fire protection; but he rejected that it is a failure because there is time to correct them, it is only enough to demand that real estate developments comply with fire protection and thereby guarantee security to tenants.

He called on real estate developers to team up for greater fire safety; For this reason, he asked that they go to the Voluntary Fire Department to make their proposals known.

To date, only three real estate agents have approached that in their projects have asked for an opinion and it has been possible to verify that within the development of their construction they are placing these systems, but that physically they do not have any evidence that the fire networks of the Hotels and towers that are already operating right now, with people already living in them, are working.

Without fire hydrants and increasingly tall buildings, the city is left unprotected in the face of a large fire.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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