Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue inaugurated in Mazatlan


It was in 2018 when it was opened for the first time to circulation, which with its initial name had “Avenida Bahía”, as part of the process of the construction of the Central Park

MAZATLÁN.- No longer call it Bahia Avenue when you mention it, now you will have to call it Quirino Ordaz Coppel Avenue, which is officially inaugurated this afternoon.

This, just one week after Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel leaves office to be succeeded by Rubén Rocha Moya.

You already know this road, it runs alongside Central Park, has 350 parking spaces and is 1 kilometer long.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres mentioned that this name change was endorsed by the Municipal Council and was endorsed by him, as it means giving value to citizens, such as the governor, who cared about Mazatlán.

“Because the people who care about their city, in this case about their state, must go down in history,” he said.

Around 58 million 520 thousand 67 pesos were invested. It has been a space that many locals have adopted in a natural way, it also has a bike path, benches and has a view of the new aquarium and the Laguna del Camarón.

Photo: Rosina Grave

Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel was flattered by such an appointment and remarked that what he did for Mazatlán was to bring it to the development and promotion it deserved, achieving that with this, citizens and businessmen join the bonanza.

“Working together and as a team, meeting people like the Chemist along the way we intertwine and always looking for the interest, benefit and development of Mazatlán,” he added.

Quirino Ordaz is not worthy that a street bears his name says Elsa Bojórquez

On Thursday, the Mazatlán Cabildo approved the change of the nomenclature of Bahía Avenue to that of the state governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

But the approval was not unanimous but by the majority. Ironically, the PRI bench, made up of only four councilors, passed over the Morenoist majority amid alleged irregularities.

The proposal to change the nomenclature of Bahía Avenue by Quirino Ordaz Coppel did not even pass the approval of the Urban Planning, Ecology and Public Works Commission of the Mazatlán Cabildo.

Its coordinator, Morena councilor Adalberto Valle Pérez, declared that he was not even aware that the PRI council would make the proposal, until two days before it was presented to the Cabildo for approval.

With the absence of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who is absent from the sessions every time a controversial issue is going to be discussed, the attorney general Elsa Bojórquez Mascareño pointed out, the proposal of the Urbanism, Ecology and Public Works Commission, did not obtain not even the majority of this group of aldermen.

With steamed signatures, he said, and the change of name to the acting state governor, his vote was against, as was that of Valle Pérez. Rodolfo Cardona, alderman of the PT and Alberto Lizárraga de Morena abstained.

“That is why I voted against, precisely because of what he did, where his name will be, because it was a private public association (…) that is, they took public resources to give them to private ones, that has nothing to do with the fourth transformation ”, he pointed out.

“He arranged everything for the benefit of those who have the most, to fix the roads, the spaces where he has his hotels, to accommodate everything for the benefit of those who have the most, and those who have the least, giving them a bicoca or what is left over, that’s why I I voted against it, because it is not worthy of the name ”.

Adalberto Valle Pérez, stressed that not all the protocols were followed such as Urban Planning coordination, “a preliminary draft or a preliminary opinion is drawn up, it is sent to each of the members of the commission, there are five of us and once reviewed we meet and we reached a consensus on an opinion that we approved ”.

He criticized that the secretary of the City Council accepted the opinion without counting on the majority of the members of the commission; “Only two signed it, Tere Millán and Carmen Tirado Díaz.” The third signature was put by Guadalupe Aguilar Soto, from the PAN.

That afternoon

On October 19, 2018, Quirino Ordaz arrived by bicycle accompanied by his wife, Rosy Fuentes, to inaugurate Bahía Avenue.

An event in the style of the Mazatlan president. It was called the “Puro Sinaloa” Cultural Festival, for which the Spanish rapper La Mala Rodríguez was hired.

“Before here I was a pig farm, you couldn’t be here and now the image has been improved, with the Central Park, the Aquarium and the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium needs to be completely finished,” the governor commented almost three years ago.

In the midst of the party atmosphere, there was no lack of “selfies”. Minutes later the Spanish caught the audience.

Where are my witches? Let them shout out loud! ”La Mala Rodríguez invited, and the women responded with a shout.

The name of the avenue lasted three years.

Article published on September 26, 2021 in the 974 edition of the weekly Riódoce.

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