Pretty and colorful! The central median of Gabriel Leyva avenue in Mazatlán will showcase


The staff of the Parks and Gardens department installs three types of plants; tropical, regional and cacti, declared the director of Public Services, Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The central median of “Gabriel Leyva” avenue in Mazatlán will be beautiful and very colorful, where three types of plants are being installed; tropical, regional and cacti, highlighted Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga.

The director of Public Services in Mazatlán specified that work is being carried out on the section that goes from the entrance of the Alfredo V. Bonfil Industrial Park to the Juarez Bridge and is progressing 50 percent.

Embellecen camellón central y colocan lámparas led en Avenida Gabriel Leyva,  en Mazatlán

“Progress is already being seen, there are three types of plants that are going to be put together, there will be tropical plants, from the region and also cacti. Not because it is a project that requires little maintenance does it mean that it will be a gray embellishment; on the contrary, it is very beautiful, very colorful ”, he commented. 

The official said that the staff of the Department of Parks and Gardens works at “forced marches” to advance in the remodeling of the central median of the “Gabriel Leyva” so that the avenue looks beautiful and colorful for the good of Mazatlán.


The Mazatlan Post