Direct to its habitat! 170 crocodiles released in Sinaloas Chiricahueto Lagoon


“When I come I feel that I am being born again,” says Heriberto Salomón, who released 170 crocodiles with just 90 days of birth in the Laguna de Chiricahueto, Culiacán

Crocodile release ..Chronicle: The double liberation of Beto Caimán, that of his soul and 170 reptiles in the Chiricahueto Lagoon.Credits: Jesús Verdugo

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The world closes on Beto’s sky when he gets out of the truck carrying his beloved crocodiles he just smiles while ignoring the heat and the mosquitoes. The other companions are only witnesses of the spectacle of freedom .

One by one the specimens go to the lagoon channel, at 90 days old they still do not bite, or so says Beto, who handles them with such delicacy that they look like sparrows instead of reptiles.

“When I come I feel that I am being born again, and if my life is here and I am constantly being reborn; I have to be here,” says the alligator, trying to explain his passion.

And it is that for Heriberto Salomón, also known as “Beto Caimán”, his life and happiness could be explained with freedom; spirit and reptiles. That is why he will soon move to the lagoon area to live, and hopes to establish an ecological reserve for the species of the place.

Beto Caimán’s gaze is saddened to see piles of garbage flanking the horizon of his beloved lagoon, but he is optimistic when he sees alligators up to 3 meters roaming the banks of the canal, a sign that the release is healing the ecosystem.

The release of alligators ended for this year, Beto will continue working in search of more resources for his hatchery. And his soul, for the moment, also broke free in hopes of reclaiming the land that pollution took from its reptiles.


The Mazatlan Post