Inoperative, traffic light system in Mazatlán


After the passage of hurricane “Pamela”, there is no count or a total number of the devices that were damaged, although some already had it for months

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The faults in the traffic light system in the city have been getting worse in recent months due to the rainy season. The fact that a traffic control device is not working correctly can cause in addition to vehicular chaos, road accidents.

Some traffic lights are managed by the municipal government, others by the state one, but after the passage of “Pamela” there is no count or a total number of the devices that were damaged, although some already had it for months.

Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga, director of Public Services, without mentioning numbers, pointed out that a large part of the traffic lights have already been put into operation and material is being awaited to continue serving them; the main problems are due to lack of electrification and damage to circuit components due to the rains.

It is the Department of Public Lighting that is in charge of arranging the devices, with only 25 elements divided into the three shifts, they cannot cope with the reports for lighting failures or reports for traffic light failures.

On the other hand, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, deputy director of Municipal Transit, commented that in the broken traffic lights that have been detected they are supporting with traffic elements in peak hours especially and depending on the need for the service, they have to be moving from zone to zone.

Recently, at the intersection of Río Piaxtla and Cruz Lizárraga streets, a mishap occurred, those involved said that it was the fault of the broken traffic light and Álvarado Ilustre that the driver was distracted.

” 99% (of the accidents) are the human factor, we will always look for an excuse to say that it was this, but if you realize it is the cell phones, moving to the stereo, talking … “, he said.

In social networks, citizens commented that the traffic light of Mexico 15 at the height of Lala, also in front of the United States headquarters in Sinaloa; on Santa Rosa avenue and Mazatlán avenue; on Jacarandas and Clouthier; De la Marina and Francisco Solís, at the intersection of Zaragoza avenue and Benito Juárez street; at the height of Soriana Santa Rosa and Soriana Insurgentes and in front of Valentinos, there are some avenues and intersections where the traffic control devices are failing or out of service.

Between both officials, they also recognized those of Rafael Buelna avenue and a large part of Camarón-Sábalo, on the Mexican Army in Juan Pablo II, Colosio and Munich, Lomas de Mazatlán, in the Juárez neighborhood and in the first square of the city.

The truth is that there is no coordination between both authorities (Public Services and Municipal Transit) to deal with the situation and order the public thoroughfare in which the devices are repaired in their entirety.

” There is no coordination as such, but I see that they (transits) have done their job very well, they have been present, but we are not exactly working in coordination with them,” said Morales Lizárraga.

They wait for a green light from the state government to repair traffic lights


He commented that some of these signaling devices are from the state government and that they are waiting for them to be officially delivered to the City Council to be able to repair them.

“We are in contact with the government people who come and repair them, what they say is that they are theirs, and once they are delivered to the municipality, we are going to start working with them,” said the deputy director of Transit. 

The remaining traffic lights to be delivered to the municipality are those located on Camarón Sábalo avenues, Valetino’s, Marina and Rafael Buelna avenues.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

The municipal official said that once they pass into the hands of the municipality, work will be done so that there is better road fluidity on said cruise ships.

On the other hand, he stated that the most recent accidents in the different crossings of the city are due to the lack of caution of the drivers and not to the malfunction of some traffic lights in the port.

“99 percent are due to human oversights, we will always look for an excuse to say that it was that, but if they realize it, it is cell phones, moving to the stereo or talking and not so much because of the traffic lights,” he concluded. 


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