Sinaloans are invited to the Revueltas and Día de Muertos festival in Durango


Take advantage of the proximity and spend a weekend in Durango

In order to preserve traditions and promote culture and art, from October 19 to November 20, the “Muuki 2021 ” Day of the Dead festival will be held in Durango, which coincides with the Revueltas Festival.

“Muuki” means Death, and in this first edition they will participate in collaboration with the Trust on the Hotel Occupation Tax, and several sponsors to celebrate Mexican traditions and reactivate the economy in the municipality of Durango.

In this initial edition of the Muuki Festival, they managed to bring together 100 activities that family members will be able to enjoy, among which the following stand out: Classic horror film marathon, at the Municipal Cineteca of Durango; night tours of the Oriente pantheon; catwalk of catrinas; moonlit outdoors in the Garabitos dam, a monumental altar of the dead And presentation of the Ballet Folklórico Magistral, among many others.

Take advantage and cross the Baluarte de la Mazatlán-Durango bridge, spend a weekend with some cool weather and choose from at least 100 events that the neighboring state. 

The municipal director of tourism in Durango mentioned that among the events that Sinaloans can choose, there will be “Muuki”, an event to commemorate the day of the dead, in which you will walk the streets of the Historic Center among legends. 

MuuKi 2021

“October is becoming a new holiday season for us, there are many events, both cultural and adventure and nature, gastronomic as well, and this year is no exception and we want Mazatlecos to go,” he declared.

Elvira Silerio Díaz, Undersecretary of Tourism in Durango, pointed out that in this fourth stage of tourism in the state, the Mazatlecos have been faithful and it is because of them that a variety of events are held during their low seasons.

“Mazatlán is one of our main clients and that is why we are here, to offer them an innovative billboard so that they not only visit us once but more times, make it their getaway,” he added.

In addition, it has attractions that you can take advantage of during your visits, such as the cable car, the El Pueblito promenade, the old west promenade, and the mining tunnel.


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