Sewage waters run down Juan Carrasco avenue in Mazatlan


With the rains that “Pamela” left, the residues began to sprout up through the grates of the storm drain.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Rain or not, sewage flows very often from the sewers located on Juan Carrasco Avenue, corner with September 16, in downtown Mazatlán.

However, these water pipes are so muddy that the waste finds its way out through grids that are used to capture rainwater in front of a gas station located on the same corner.

Neighbors no longer put up with bad smells. 

” It is already reported, in fact, the sewers are clogged, because the water finds its way out here through the grates, but there is continually water gushing out of the sewers and now as it rained a lot it comes out there. Yes, it is reported to Jumapam, but they take time later. to come to unload, “commented one of the station employees.

The flow of sewage reaches almost to the Gutiérrez Nájera avenue, but due to the unevenness of the roads, they tend to stagnate in some sections.

” It is very recurrent, it takes about six months, sometimes Jumapam comes and throws chlorine tablets but it is useless because then it dissolves and right now there is not so much, but many flies also breed,” said Samuel, an affected trader.

In that area there are at least three carts that offer prepared food and bad smells are not your best allies.

” The water stagnates and it smells bad and that is always, all the plague comes and harms those who sell food here in the area, ” said a diner.

Since Wednesday, due to the rains that “Pamela” left behind, the grates of the gas station began to overflow with sewage and continue to this day.


The Mazatlan Post