About 800 families were affected after the passage of hurricane “Pamela” in Mazatlán


These people will be supported with pantries, blankets, mattresses and some of their household items that they lost, said Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The census of the families affected after the passage of hurricane “Pamela” continues; However, according to preliminary figures, it is estimated that there are around 800 victims in both the urban and rural areas of Mazatlán, reported Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez. 

The director of Welfare and Social Development in the municipality specified that the affected families will be supported with pantries, blankets, mattresses, and some of their lost household items; and they are still waiting for the help of the Declaration of Emergency. 

“In ‘Pamela’ if we are going to reach about 800 people affected in rural and urban areas.”

What places have you visited, Tonatiuh?

“Right now Villa Jaraco, Jacarandas, Villa Verde Expansion, El Quemado, El Quelite, Barrón.”

How will they be supported? 

“With appliances and pantries; in fact, we are already delivering pantries to those affected, ”he said. 

The head of the area commented that the number of victims was less than those of hurricane “Nora” , in fact, over the weekend with the help of the Ministry of Defense, a thousand supports were given to these families. 

And now it only remains to wait for the support of the Federation to arrive before the new Declaration of Emergency for four municipalities in southern Sinaloa.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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