Pfizer vaccine will be available for purchase in Sinaloa


Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel celebrated that the state is green until October 31, when his term ends

Sinaloa.- The sale of the vaccine against COVID-19 in the country and in Sinaloa will be a reality, announced the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel because it is a disease that is here to stay as is the case of influenza, however, commented that many of the prices that are being talked about are just speculation.

Questioned on the grounds that there will soon be the possibility that private laboratories will be offering the Pfizer brand vaccine to the public, including in the state of Sinaloa, he replied that it is a project that exists and that they hope it will prosper later.

“There is this project, I believe that this will become a reality later on and it is good that a vaccine from the country comes, the Patria vaccine that is already in tests, I think that in the second stage I think that there will be enough vaccinate all the time because the virus is here to stay, as is the Influenza that is accentuated in the winter season, you have to contain and winnow that bug, eating well, exercising and getting vaccinated ”, he announced.

Regarding the rumors that suggest that the vaccine could cost around 1,200 pesos to the public and that it is the Pfizer brand that is available, even in private laboratories, he replied that this is still speculation, there is still no price set for anything because we have to wait for the Federal Government to decide to approve the entry of Pfizer-COVID-19 vaccine

The good news is that his administration will close with a green covid light, he celebrated, and if that trend continues as it goes, thanks to the vaccination and the support that has been received from the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this will continue. 

People already have more awareness, culture, take better care of themselves, he said, we must continue to do so because now the cold is coming and we must also have a lot of protection from influenza.


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