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Sinaloa Baluarte River overflows flooding surrounding communities (video)

The overflow reaches communities of El Rosario that are once again underwater, now, due to the rains from hurricane “Pamela”

Sinaloa.- The National Meteorological Service and various agencies warned of the strong risk that communities in the highlands of Sinaloa were running due to the impact of hurricane “Pamela” with the Sierra Madre Occidental, which, by doing so, would leave significant rains

The result, communities with water “around their necks,” such as El Rosario, Sinaloa, which, as a result of the collapse of the Baluarte River, at the moment registers significant floods, recalling the effects that hurricane “Nora” left at the time and of which even , they still do not receive the promised support. 

n images and videos recorded by the population, the dangerous flow of the river is observed, as well as the homes of various communities where the water is practically a meter and a half or more high. 

Rural roads closed by streams and complete isolation, as in the Ceviches bridge, Cacalotán, which the water barely reaches, implying a significant risk for the locals. 

But the greatest impact is being received by the inhabitants, who once again repeated history, and at the moment, they are literally standing with the water at their waist as the river overflows and reaches the community. 

Rosario authorities confirmed that there are several affected communities and evacuations continue in order to safeguard the integrity of the inhabitants in areas such as La Concha, La Campana, Cacalotán, Agua Verde, El Pozole, Chametla, among others.

The red alert is at the moment in the southern area of ​​Sinaloa, which receives the largest contributions from “Pamela” after her clash with the Sierra Madre Occidental; The SMN asked the population to take shelter, secure houses, livestock and other belongings, anticipating precisely these effects that today, once again, the inhabitants suffer.

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