Imminent impact of “Hurricane Pamela”, public transport between Culiacán and Mazatlán will be closed


Jesús Estrada Ferreiro heads an extraordinary session of the Municipal Council of Civil Protection, where he said that he asked the State Highway and Transport to close the roads to public transport

Sinaloa.- Faced with the forecast of the National Meteorological Service about the possible impact of “Pamela” in Sinaloa, Mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, led the extraordinary session of the Municipal Civil Protection Council, where he reported that he requested the Highway Administration and Transport of the State of Sinaloa, that the circulation of public transport is not allowed on the Culiacán-Mazatlán Maxipista and the México 15 International Highway.

The mayor assured that it is a measure that will prevent people from Culiacán and also from other regions from being stranded on the road in the middle of the rain, as some sections that were affected by “Nora” are still under repair.

Likewise, Estrada Ferreiro reported that it instructed the Public Services area of the Municipal Palace to suspend garbage collection as of tomorrow so that the population does not take garbage to the streets, since it can be dragged into the sewers and cause flooding .

 asked him to do everything possible to prevent people from traveling through the México 15 International or the Maxipista even when they come from other parts of the country, mainly from north to south because they would be stranded in Culiacán and that would cause them problems or inconvenience. “, said.

For his part, the coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection, Marco Antonio Martínez de Alba, stated that the low areas of Culiacán are worrying so that tomorrow they will tour the receiverships to verify their condition and take action in case of being necessary.

In turn, Francisco Vega Meza, director of the State Institute for Civil Protection, reported that the effects of hurricane “Pamela” may occur in Culiacán from this Tuesday, where the rains can reach 150 millimeters and on Wednesday up to 250, with 200 km/hour wind gusts.


The Mazatlan Post