They are the winners of the “Celebremos lo Nuestro” photographic contest (video)


The awarding of the photographic contest Celebremos lo Nuestro, presented by Bonafont Aguas Frescas and México Desconocido. Congratulations to the winners!

On the occasion of the national holidays and the pride that being Mexican gives us, we launched the dynamic Celebremos lo Nuestro, presented by Bonafont Aguas Frescas and México Desconocido. 

Here we tell you who the winners of Celebremos lo Nuestro are.

Celebremos lo Nuestro sought for all users to participate with images that show the greatness of our Mexico through traditions, gastronomy, iconic landscapes, and, of course, Aguas Frescas.

They are the winners of Celebremos lo Nuestro!

And the winner in the Fresh Waters category was

Mexican handcrafts

Author: Mauricio

Award: Hotel Las Brisas in Acapulco (stay for two adults 3 nights – 4 days)

And the winner in the Iconic Places category was

Mexican traditions

Author: Frida

Award: Mubu Boutique Hotel in Valle de Bravo (stay for two adults 3 nights – 4 days)

And the winner in the Gastronomy category was

Maranto skulls

Author: José Fernando

Prize: American Party in Oaxaca (stay for two adults 3 nights – 4 days)

Jose Fernando Camacho placeholder image

And the winner in the Regionality was

The lord of the lagoon

Author: Dariuz Aceves

Prize: Casa Mateo in Peña de Bernal (stay for two adults 3 nights – 4 days)

Selection and awards

The 20 most voted photographs of each category went to the selection of semifinalists. A jury selected their three favorites from each category, taking into account artistic evaluation criteria, such as composition, color, originality, light, creativity and the attachment to expressing through said photography the philosophy of “Celebrate what is ours”.

In this phase, images that did not meet any of the criteria of the bases were discarded, which you can review here. The finalist photographs were evaluated by a jury from Unknown Mexico, who scored each finalist photo with a numerical value to choose the winner of each of the four categories.

Check the Terms and Conditions of the dynamic here.

You can watch the live broadcast via Facebook and YouTube.


Prun Santos

She was the print editor of Mexico unknown for 15 years, now she is an editor of special projects and a columnist in this medium. She has participated as a guest judge in international photo contests such as Redbull’s Illumine. On radio she was the host of ABCTrips. She is currently working on an international collaboration project as a researcher.

Fernanda Carrasco

She is a producer and photo editor with more than 15 years of experience in the selection of photographic material for magazines and print media. She has been awarded by the Society of Publications Designers of New York and has just received the A Diseño award for her curatorial work.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants! See you soon with the following dynamic.

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