One child died and 28 injured, bus overturn in Mazatlán (video)


The accident occurred on Thursday night at kilometer 4 of the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway and the unit involved was destined for the state of Sonora

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – A dead child and 28 injured people, 5 of them serious, is the preliminary balance reported by the authorities in the overturning of a bus belonging to a tourist company that occurred on Thursday night on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway.

The names of the minor who lost his life and the people who were injured in this accident have not yet been released. It was said that these people left the state of Chiapas and were destined for Sonora.

The accident occurred on the lanes from south to north, at kilometer 4 of the aforementioned federal street, when the bus driver for unknown reasons lost control of the direction and left the asphalt tape until he ended up overturned on his side. left.

The aid corps were alerted to the accident, so several units of the Mazatlán Fire Department, Veteran Fire Department, and Villa Unión Fire Department were mobilized to the place, as well as ambulances from the Red Cross and AMEC; elements of Civil Protection, municipal police, and the National Highway Guard.

When the emergency forces arrived, they began to rescue the passengers from the bus, giving priority to those in the most serious conditions.

Civil Protection reported that 28 of the 58 bus occupants were injured, 5 of them were in serious condition, and unfortunately, a child died.

The work to help the injured lasted almost an hour and after that, the maneuvers were carried out to put the damaged unit on its wheels.


The Mazatlan Post