Mazatlan street lights damaged by hurricane Nora have been a challenge to repair


This is because criminals damage them as soon as they are placed and they last very little working

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The director of Evaluation and Rural Liaison of the Mazatlán City Council, Jesús Antonio Ramírez Patiño, regretted that unfortunately, it is the luminaries that have cost the most work to repair in the communities that were affected by the hurricane, Nora.

“In what we have failed them a little bit, it is in the public lighting and wherever there is a lot of vagrants we go and fix the lamps and they break them or they lower the pill and they spoil our work. If we go today we are going to fix a lamp so that at night they don’t want to turn it on ”, he reproached.

Ramírez Patiño said that despite the breakdowns that young people cause, they continue to provide the service in the same way and at any time that a fault occurs.

He acknowledged that fortunately the families that were damaged by the meteorological phenomenon are already recovering little by little and now the brickmakers are being supported to also condition their kilns.

“They are working, right now there is brick but we need to finish spawning the wells so that they can take the land from there and make their product,” he said.

In this case, he said that the artisans are already calm, without despairing because they have been supporting them with what is necessary by the municipal government, such is the case of the more than 200 pantries that were distributed among all the inhabitants who dedicate themselves to this exercise.


The Mazatlan Post