Canaco Mazatlan hopes for 100% business capacity increase due to low covid infections


The president of the local chamber, Roberto Lem González, said that hoteliers, restaurateurs, and the commercial sector work at 75 percent of their capacity

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After the Covid-19 infections have been kept down and the green epidemiological traffic light remains, the local National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) trusts that in the coming days the municipal authority will authorize an increase in capacity to reach 100 percent.

The president of the local Canaco, Roberto Lem González, said that the hotel, restaurant, and commercial sectors are currently working at 75 percent of their capacity, but he did not rule out that capacity will increase further shortly.

“ We are waiting for ourselves in the next few days, I think that in the following week, if we continue with the green traffic light, of course, it is already there, we know it, but unofficially, but when we officially pass another fortnight to the green traffic light, we would already be talking about expanding the capacity for all establishments “, explained the commercial leader.

Lem González announced that the increase could go from 75 to 100 percent, since infections in Mazatlán are on the decline, in addition to the fact that things have been done well, where the port has remained stable in the infection rates for all the security measures that have been taken, which has allowed mobility to be almost 100 percent.

The president of the local Canaco stressed that in the tourist aspect, Mazatlán is better than ever, but above all for having carried out the protocols correctly.

He added that there is confidence in the commercial sector that the last quarter of the year will be better for all commercial sectors of the port.

He was confident that with the arrival of Canadian and North American tourism, the capacity will be at 100 percent.

“It is what we would like, we are waiting for what the corresponding authority marks.”


The Mazatlan Post