Wealthy residents of Isla Cortés and Altata not paying for water in Navolato


In Altata, all the residential areas are owned by people who really do have money, but they have a half hectare of garden, swimming pools, and wash their yachts, and many do not pay the fixed fee of 140 pesos, denounced Fidel Rodríguez

Navolato, Sinaloa.- The problem of drinking water service has already bottomed out in Navolato, to such an extent that not even the inhabitants of the residential area of Altata and Isla Cortés comply with the timely payment, despite the fact that they pay a fixed fee of 140 pesos per month and they have swimming pools and large areas of gardens in their homes, criticized Fidel Rodríguez Lozoya.

The general manager of the Navolato Potable Water and Sewerage Board communicated that by instructions of the municipal president, Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo, during the month of October, discounts of 100 percent will be applied in fines and surcharges so that delinquent users are brought up to date Likewise, three months will be deducted from people who do pay and who have not had permanent service in the neighborhoods and communities.

He pointed out that of the 45,000 water intakes that are in the municipality, only 15 percent settle their receipt, mainly retired older adults and some who already have discounts approved by the commune.

The official stressed that in the homes where a meter is installed, its inhabitants destroy it and others evade them and make their own clandestine intake to continue with the fixed fee, which in the end they do not pay.

“In Altata all the residential areas are owned by people who really do have money, but have their half hectare of garden, swimming pools and wash their yachts, they do have a meter, but it is not working or the house is closed,” he complained.

Fidel Rodríguez said that in Navolato it is very cheap to have drinking water, for example, the commercial area receives a turnover of 800 pesos and the industrial area for more than a thousand a month, and even so, many are not up to date in their contribution to improving the supply daily.

Another problem is that the little water that reaches them in the towns, people use it to give water to their animals and orchards that they have at home, he reproached.

Finally, he reported that the receivership of Villa Juárez owes 39 million pesos, and the idea is to limit the taps in homes.

Isla Cortés is located just 65 kilometers from Culiacán and driving through a modern four-lane highway, it can be reached in just 40 minutes. For many years Altata Bay has been one of the favorite beach destinations for the inhabitants of the region and one of the most visited by tourists to the center of Sinaloa.

Altata owes its fame to three things: its exquisite cuisine with fresh and delicious seafood, the beautiful sunsets, and the hospitality of its inhabitants. At the beginning of the 19th century, Altata had a great commercial boom as a coastal port.

The agricultural and mining production of Sinaloa and Durango was transported through the “Tacuarinero”, thus called the cargo railroad.

Currently, commercial fishing for shrimp and other species is the main activity.

On the other side of Altata Bay is the Lucernilla peninsula, a true paradise located in front of the Gulf of California, with huge canals, estuaries, and small estuarine lagoons. Many families from Culiacán and Navolato have built their beach houses in this community, on Isla Cortés.

In 1998, a group of businessmen, led by Arch. Jacobo Sevilla, partnered with the ejidatarios of El Tetuán and began work to develop the 2,450 hectares of the peninsula for tourism. In the 22 kilometers of beach in front of the Sea of ​​Cortez and 19 kilometers in front of the Altata Bay, the beauty of its sand dunes and its estuaries, where a great variety of fish live, is impressive.

This is how the ambitious “Isla Cortés” project was born in 2008, with the idea of ​​complementing the natural beauties of the place with first-rate facilities.

Currently, several residential subdivisions have been developed. In the “PUESTA DEL SOL” Beach Club, in addition to a pool on the seashore, we find a restaurant with regional cuisine and a very large parking lot. The Marina and Yacht Club of Isla Cortés has all the services for yacht users and also a restaurant.

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