Could the LGBT + community participate in the contest for the Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival?


At a press conference at the Casa Antonio Haas located in the historic center of Mazatlán and within the framework of the opening of registrations to be part of the Royalty of Carnival 2022.

The general director of the Institute of Culture of Mazatlán, José Ángel Tostado the answer to the question of one of the reporters if someone from the LGBT + community, as a form of inclusion, could participate to be Queen of the Carnival 2022 to which José Ángel replied “the community is already included, they participate in two floats, and it will be sought the talk with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to find a way to include them, even more so to become part of the Royalty in future editions. “

Sinaloa online returned to the question at the end of the conference with the director of culture in a very brief interview and with the same question to which he answered “it is the same thing that I was talking about a few moments ago, we are going to talk about it with pleasure.”.


The Mazatlan Post