Mexico 5 peso coins worth thousands, find out how to identify them


Throughout the world, and Mexico is no exception, there are collectors willing to pay a lot of money for special coins or
for complete series of pieces.

The collection of numismatic pieces, that is to say, coins, implies a passion that if carried on a large scale can
mean the investment of a lot of money. It has recently been pointed out that the -peso coins of the Centennial of
the Revolution have a higher value than their denomination, however, this is not entirely true, although they may
have a higher value in some cases and under certain conditions. .

The collectors of the coins appreciate the history of each piece, its age, the context in which they were minted, as
they are related to important historical periods of the country. Such is the case of the 5-peso coins of the
Revolution, which are commemorative of that period, relevant in the history of Mexico.

A coin has value, in addition to the aforementioned elements, due to the handling that has been made of it.
Remember that they are made of various types of metals. Some have more value than others. Their differences can
make them more or less resistant to abuse or wear and tear from circulating from hand to hand and brushing
against other coins in pockets or drawers. Therefore, a worn coin will always be worth less than one that is
preserved in its original condition.

Although there are general recommendations on how coins are cared for – they vary according to the type of
material – it seems that each collector has a special way to preserve their numismatic pieces and in that care lies a
large part of the value of the pieces. For this reason, what does it depend on whether a 5 peso coin from the
Revolution is worth more money than its denomination? Of all the above items.

In the market, there are offers of $ 500 pesos for the entire collection of 18 units of Bicentennial coins. A person
who is fond of this type of numismatic pieces will hardly be interested in a single coin, since they buy the
complete collections of them and just as there are people offering them at high prices, there are others who give
them for less money.

Be careful: 18 coins of 5 pesos are equivalent to 90 pesos. However, if it is the 18 commemorative pieces of the
Centennial of the Revolution, they will give you $ 500 pesos on average. This means that per currency, you will
have a payment of more than 27.77 pesos. That is, you will earn 22.77 pesos more than it is really worth .

The collection of coins from the Centennial of the Revolution consists of 18 pieces and they were put into
circulation by the Bank of Mexico in the years 2008 – 2010. Many of them continue to circulate, however, their state
is normally of wear, which makes them lose value so that they can give you more than the $ 5 pesos indicated by
their denomination.

For its part, the family of $ 5 pesos coins from the Bicentennial of Independence was also put into circulation in
the period 2008 – 2018. They have the same shield as the current coins, only on the obverse they have the portraits
of characters related to that stage of the history of Mexico. This collection of $ 19 coins is also around $ 500 pesos
among collectors.

The two collections together have a value of between $ 1000 to $ 1200 pesos. However, remember that on the subject of collections, sometimes fans of special items can pay a little more depending on the state in which you keep the pieces.


Mexico Daily Post