New Sinaloa legislature is about to start, what will be their priorities?


The countdown begins, there are four days left to install the 64th Legislature with 20 representatives from Morena, eight from PAS, eight from PRI, two from PAN, one from MC, and one from PT

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – Four days after swearing-in (ceremony) as deputies of the 64th Legislature, made up of 23 women and 17 men, the different parliamentary groups declare themselves ready to assume that responsibility with agendas drawn up as parties and with advances in a joint plan on issues where all coincide.

The next PAN coordinator, Adolfo Beltrán Corrales, announced that they are going for the reform of the Access to Public Information Commission because the dissemination of institutional programs is not fulfilled and nothing happens, it is necessary to sanction to guarantee transparency and combat excesses from power, he said.

He mentioned that they will work so that the deputies have full powers in the control of public accounts.

Deputy Alba Virgen Montes Álvarez, who will be the coordinator of the Sinaloense Party parliamentary group, said that they have similar ideals with Morena, that is why they made the alliance and they will continue in a coordinated manner to end the freezer, which is possible with the pronouncement that corresponds, without hiding those proposals that should receive a rejection.

“We are more committed to working for the good of citizenship, the society that gave us their trust, we have to return with work and results,” he said.

For his part, the next Morena coordinator and president of the Political Coordination Board, Feliciano Castro Meléndrez, affirmed that the discussions in a parliament are to reach agreements on the creation or reforms of laws that respond to the daily problems of citizens and is what they will launch from October 1.

“We must translate people’s problems, everyday problems, everyday problems, we must translate them into laws, into social management budgets,” he emphasized.

While the future coordinator of the PRI bench in the 64th Legislature, Ricardo Madrid Pérez, said that since they won the elections they prepare with training and with the construction of their own agenda with issues such as transparency and the environment.

“That we are also working on vision of issues that have to do with transparency, accountability, environmental issues, a dynamic of issues that I must tell you that we are analyzing the internal work to be in a position to put together a agenda that we will make public when we have it finished, “he said.

The Parliamentary Research Institute of Congress has offered training to all elected deputies on the process that their initiatives must follow from the moment it is delivered to the Office of the Parties until it is approved in plenary sessions.

This is how the 64th Legislature of Sinaloa will be integrated


  • Juana Minerva Vázquez González
  • César Ismael Guerrero Alarcón
  • Cecilia Covarrubias González
  • Congratulations Pompa Robles
  • Ambrocio Chávez Chávez
  • Marco César Almaral Rodríguez
  • Negrete Sánchez almond
  • Feliciano Castro Meléndrez
  • Jesus Alfonso Ibarra Ramos
  • Maria Victoria Sánchez Peña
  • Marco Antonio Zazueta Zazueta
  • Serapio Vargas Ramirez
  • Alma Rosa Garzón Aguilar
  • Flower Emilia Guerra Mena
  • Juan Carlos Patron Rosales
  • Pedro Villegas Lobo
  • Veronica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta
  • Nela Rosiely Sánchez Sánchez
  • Maria Aurelia Leal Lopez
  • Jose Manuel Luque Rojas

Sinaloense Party

  • Martin Vega Alvarez
  • Elizabeth Chia Galaviz
  • Alba Virgen Montes Alvarez
  • Luz Verónica Avilés Rochín
  • Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz
  • Viridiana Camacho Millán
  • Maria del Rosario Osuna Gutierrez
  • Rosario Guadalupe Sarabia Soto


  • Feliciano Valle Sandoval
  • Deisy Judith Ayala Valenzuela
  • Ricardo Madrid Pérez
  • Luis Javier de la Rocha Zazueta
  • Cinthia Valenzuela Langarica
  • Gloria Himelda Felix Niebla
  • Sergio Mario Arredondo Salas
  • Concepción Zazueta Castro


  • Giovanna Morachis Paperini
  • Adolfo Beltran Corrales

Citizen movement

  • Celia Jáuregui Ibarra

Labor Party

  • Maria Guadalupe Cázarez Gallegos


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