“Carne en su jugo” Sinaloa style is a very tasty and complete dish (video recipe)


Do not you know what to cook today? We show you a simple and complete recipe to prepare a delicious meat in its juice step by step.


Meat for steak,






Cambray onion,



Water – Salt – Pepper,


Go heating the beans in a pot with water and add the tomatillos and cilantro.

Cover and turn up the heat.

Cut the steak into large squares and fry them in the pan. 

Flip the tomatillos that are in the casserole with the beans.

Cut the bacon into pieces and fry it in a third pan. 

Cut a small onion and cut them in half.

Add them to the bacon pan.

Also add the chilies, halved.

Season with salt.

Stir the other two pans.

Put the tomatillos, coriander and onion in a glass with water from the blender.

Blend until it becomes a sauce.

Add the sauce to the bean casserole.

Also add the pan with the meat and the one with the bacon.

Stir well and with a ladle serve in bowls , adding cilantro and avocado, onion and a little more meat.

Source: tvpacifico.mx

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