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From fire to water! Julio, David, and Ramón, heroes of Culiacán; save two lives in record time

During the afternoon of Thursday they helped a young man injured during the explosion of a gas pipe, Friday they rescued another person from the waters caused by the intense rains

Culiacan Sinaloa. – Beyond institutionspassion and love of life move hundreds of people daily to save the population in the worst moments; This is known to the team of Sinaloa Civil Protection volunteers, who today are honored by adding in less than 24 hours, two rescues in totally adverse situations.

They were the same two men who when starting their day yesterday, did not visualize what was coming in the afternoon; His intervention was crucial in rescuing a young man who was hit on his motorcycle by a gas pipe that later exploded, alerting the entire sector.

When they thought that the rest would continue, and even with the satisfaction of the rescue of the previous day, a new fact moved them to act promptly; A young man was inside a unit with the water practically covering it as a result of the rains and floods registered this Friday, September.

It was the same Civil Protection coordinator in Culiacán, who highlighted the work of the two elements, who yesterday were in the fire and today in the water, doing what they do best, protecting the life of the population and honoring one of the most criticized institutions, but that puts soul, life, and heart in every action it takes.

Julio Leyva. Head of PC emergencies of the State Government, David Sarabia, and Ramón Tapia, are the elements that today are being recognized for their extraordinary work; but it also reaches out to the hundreds of volunteers who in Sinaloa participate daily in rescue, prevention, and aid actions for those who are experiencing the worst moments of their lives.

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