Canirac invites you to gastronomy festival “Qué Rico” in Los Mochis


The great gastronomic event will take place in Parque Sinaloa on October 15 and 16

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry invites the Gastronomic Festival, ¡Que Rico !, Los Mochis.

The gastronomic event will take place on October 15 and 16 at the city’s iconic headquarters, Benjamín Francis Johnston Botanical Garden, (Sinaloa Park), where those present will be able to enjoy and taste local cuisine, artistic and cultural presentations, Alejandro explained. Félix Limón, president of Canirac Los Mochis . 

“The opportunity to present the event ¡Qué Rico! Los Mochis’ which is going to be very authentic in an icon of here in our city, in the Sinaloa Park, will last two days: it is October 15 and 16, we are going to enjoy the gastronomy so that the people here will our city come to enjoy, come to eat, there will be music, culture, art ”. 

Flavio Mexía Cuadras, an organizer of the event and partner of Canirac Los Mochis, said that from Friday, October 15, they will be welcomed with an icebreaker party and a barbecue demonstration, which will be luxurious with chef Aarón Beltrán, who is coming to visit from the state capital.  

“On Friday, October 15, we are going to have an icebreaker party, in the same place where the event is going to be held on Saturday in Sinaloa Park, we are going to prepare on Friday to have a barbecue event, a chef from Culiacán accompanies us, Aarón Beltrán ”.

Among the personalities and artists confirmed in the event are the winner of the Voice Mexico Sherlyn, the beauty queen Deborah Hallal, and DJs.

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