The Mazatlán Aerospace Park is 40% complete


Lino Suárez announced that the first stage will enter into operation in March 2022

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A 40 percent of advance records the first stage of the Aerospace Park of mazatlán revealed Lino Suarez Guzman.

The person in charge of the project said that they are working to make the first stage work by March 2022.

 The hydraulic concrete is here, we are working on the facilities and of course, the rains always delay you” he said.

He recalled that the Mazatlán Aerospace Park is divided into the industrial infrastructure and that the airport and will have an investment of 330 million dollars.

He explained that the industrial infrastructure will have an investment of 50 million dollars and the airport is 280 million pesos.

He added that the construction of Singular Aircraft, which will be the first company, will begin to be built in January 2022 and would generate 9 thousand jobs for Sinaloans.

” It is expected that by the second half of next year the company will already be in operation, ” he said.

The aerospace park in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, MZT Aerospace Park, has already begun its construction and is part of the USMCA Corridor, one of the infrastructure projects that will privilege the health, automotive and obviously aerospace sectors. This project, in its first stage, will have the intention of producing multipurpose cargo unmanned aircraft at the request of Singular Aircraft, a company that would generate 9 thousand jobs for Sinaloans.

For the construction of the aerospace park,  located at kilometer 9 on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway.. The purpose of the infrastructure is that the park has facilities suitable for any multinational company to approach North America, as it aims to facilitate the trade of goods between Mexico, the United States and Canada, by joining Mazatlán with Durango, Monterrey, Dallas, Tulsa, Chicago and Winnipeg.

“The development of the aerospace park and the USMCA corridor are two flagship investment projects in southern Sinaloa that complement each other, their investment anchors will be in the automotive and aerospace industry, they are new value chains of the logistics system,” said Carlos. Ortiz, President and CEO of Caxxor Group.

For the second phase, the construction of an airstrip for different types of aircraft is considered., including the Boeing 747 and extend the use to more industries. 

When the MZT AerospacePark is completed, the cargo airport project will join the high-tech automotive gas and electric car industry to become an unprecedented transportation hub.


The Mazatlan Post