Former Director of Ecology defends herself against Mazatlan Mayor criticism


Ensures that she always acted ethically and adhering to the regulations in the conformation of the Sustainable Development Council

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given the questioning made by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres ” El Químico ” about the legality and cleanliness of the process for the formation of the Sustainable Development Council, with which it is intended to delegitimize the opinion of the Planning CommissionPublic Works and Ecology in order not to endorse its members, Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, former director of Ecology, clarified that the call and the procedure were done with all ethics and adherence to municipal regulations.

” The procedure and my performance before the Ecology Directorate was always carried out with ethics and adherence to municipal regulations, very contrary to what is intended to be done in the municipal council by delegitimizing and ignoring the actions of who at the time held the positions in charge of the Municipality and that is established in our Mexican Constitution ”, she expressed in a document addressed to public opinion.

In its pronouncement, it points out that representatives of associations, schools, and academic institutions related to the protection of the environment participated in this call, and that out of respect for them it is pertinent to clarify that the process for the formation of the Sustainable Development Council was carried out in accordance with the Environmental and Climate Change Regulations approved in January 2021, complying with municipal regulations.

It refers that the documentation of each of the applicants to the Sustainable Development Council of the Municipality, as well as the documentation that guarantees the legality of the procedure, remained in the file of the Directorate of Ecology and Environment and of the Commission of Urbanism, Public Works and Ecology so that the new director of Ecology, the incumbent councilors, and the mayor, on their return, can scrutinize said documentation in detail.

It should be clarified that the position of the members of the Sustainable Development Council are honorary for the next three years, time in which they will have the function of being a permanent consultation body, advising the municipal president in the design, execution, and evaluation of policies in matters of environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and restoration of ecological balance and climate change, which are included in the municipal development plan.

The call was prepared and endorsed by the Secretary of the City Council, signed by the provisional president, José Manuel Villalobos Jiménez, and published on March 15, 2021, on the portal of the City Council page.

From March 17 to 31, a total of 23 applications were received from applicants from the social, environmental, agricultural, business and academic institutions sectors, with documentation that accredited them as representatives of organizations, with experience in environmental issues, and not showing off or have held public or religious or political party positions during the last three years.

On the recommendation of the Secretary of the City Council, it was agreed that an evaluation of the profiles and experience of the applicants by sector would be made, and on May 27 a shortlist was presented with the presence of seven councilors and two representatives of councilors, and appointed by vote the position of president.

The Urban Planning and Ecology commission drew up the opinion where the formation of the Municipal Sustainable Development Council and its president was endorsed and delivered to the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, who received it on July 6, to include it. on the agenda for the 65th session of the council; however, he responded that by indications of the Municipal President, it is not considered viable because the provisional mayor did not physically participate in the process.

“ The evaluation and selection procedure of the councilors (citizens) by agreement of the Secretary of the City Council and the councilors, was the responsibility of the Commission of Urbanism, Public Works and Ecology, as well as the Directorate of Ecology, to later submit it to the consideration of the councilors and finally be endorsed by the Cabildo. The coordinator of the Planning Commission kept a check on attendance at each work session and was always attended by the Secretary of the City Council ”, she states.


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