Sara Brady is the hula hoop girl of Mazatlán


In the midst of the pandemic, he had to take to the streets in search of income to pay for her studies

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Sara Edith Brady Lamas, is a young Mazatlan student of Clinical Psychology at the Higher Technological Institute of Sinaloa, she is also a visual artist; his forte is painting and he pays for his studies by selling her works of art.

The crisis left by the coronavirus pandemic put his main source of income to ” stagger ” and, given the need, she decided to launch herself into the world of urban or street art.

With the hula hoop technique, on the main city avenues, it offers a show in exchange for tips.

” I have been surrounded by this influence for a long time from my friends who are dedicated to the circus. I always liked the hoop, I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, I am offered the opportunity and because of the crisis I made up my mind and I already have a month doing this, “she said.

When I was a child, I took ballet classes and today drawing on that knowledge, she fuses both techniques and styles.

” When I was little I took ballet classes, that has helped me to manipulate my hoop, because I really like doing turns, kicking and maintaining that balance and combining it with this freedom that the hoop gives me, to handle the wind in my favor, by moving, I can create more expressive and interesting movements, “she explained.


In Mazatlán, she affirms, there is a great community and a very beautiful circus scene, of which she is proud to begin to be a part of; In the port, there is a lot of talent and it is also very diverse, some work with fire, others with the unicycle or juggling.

” There are many stigmas about street art. I am a student, I am an artist, I have my trade, and people who are dedicated to the traffic light are not always drug addicts, dishonest people who steal or who use the money you give them in good faith for no good purposes. ; There is everything on the street, it is a dingo profession and it deserves respect, “she said.


Working on public roads not only implies being exposed to road accidents or discrimination but also suffers harassment and violence.

” It is the problem that I find most when coming to work on the street, that men, seeing that I am giving a show, although it is very brief, believe that they have the right to harass me or they believe that I owe them something or that I am interested in being with them in some sexual way, it is not like that, the only thing I want is to pay my school and the bills that we all have to pay, “she said.

However, just as she has had bad experiences, she has also had good moments thanks to the quality of the Mazatlecos.

” I love my land, I love Mazatlán, the people are very warm; I like it when there is a pulmonia in front and it brings music because it sets the mood and I improvise a show, ” she added.


Its traffic light route depends on the day, but it can usually be seen along the tourist strip.

” I try to do it daily, because of the need I have to pay for school, I am very proud to say that it has helped me pay the tuition. I do a traffic light route, I like the Monos Bichis area a lot, also in the Zone Dorada and La Marina, “she mentioned.

The young woman, barely 20 years old, started at the age of 16 in the art world, at first, it was her hobby, until she discovered that it was her true passion, since then little by little she has been consolidated and her purpose is to be better every day.

In her social networks Instagram and TikTok you can find her as @Sarabrady_art. There she shares his work, her works of art and also tells moments and experiences of her day.


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