Sectur Sinaloa will pay 15 million to Mazatlán FC for promoting the state


The Secretary of Tourism published today in the Official Newspaper a millionaire agreement for three months with the Mazatlán soccer team to promote the state in its advertising spaces

Sinaloa.- State Government through the State Tourism Secretariat, published this Friday an agreement with the Mazatleco football team, in which it requires the delivery of 5 million pesos on the 15th of August, September and October of this year.

Said agreement was signed by Lic. Oscar Pérez Barros as head of Sectur and Enrique Colin Sustayta as representative of the club’s promoter firm.

Sectur intends to take advantage of the impact that soccer generates both nationally and internationally, and above all, the impact at the local level that the Mazatlán team has had, for this reason, it points out that they aim to “add efforts and resources to promote tourist spaces in the state of Sinaloa ”.

This agreement indicates the new obligations of the team, which range from advertising spaces on the team’s websites to advertising spots within the Kraken:


• Presence in the microphone cube at press conferences with the legend ‘Mazatlán’. •

Presence in the back of the press that deals with post-training sessions and games.

• 6 minutes on the top digital fence in every MFC home game.

• 3 minutes on the lower digital fence in every CFM home game.


• 6 10 “mentions in Kraken Stadium audio during every game that MFC plays at home.

• 6 spots of 20 “each on the screens of the Kraken Stadium during each game that MFC plays at home, to promote different attractions of the State of Sinaloa among visitors.

• 10 borders in the ramp area of ​​the Kraken Stadium.

• 10 banners outside the Kraken Stadium.


• Presence on the website of “THE CLUB”

• Presence with visual Banners / Bumpers in our new official store (, in order to bring traffic to websites of interest to promote tourism.

• Presenter of the following digital properties for our networks (photo, graphic and / or-video).


• Presence in the editions of Copa Mazatlán (November 2021), through,

– Logo in all communication.

– Possibility of delivering promotional material with tourist destinations (10,000 average attendees, 70% from outside Sinaloa).

– List of spots and audiovisual material on the official site of the cup where messages and tourist attractions of Sinaloa are disseminated.


• Development of 3 campaigns that promote visits to the State of Sinaloa, with 3 concepts: a) “Sinaloa Cares for You.” b) ‘Treasures of Sinaloa.’ c) ‘Sinaloan Gastronomy’.

• Each campaign is prepared by “EL CLUB” and validated by “SECTUR SINALOA”


• Development of campaigns through “influencers of ‘EL CLUB”, the clubs, in addition to illustrating their visit to the Kraken Stadium, broadcast on their social platforms.

The Kraken stadium, loaned for 10 years to the Mazatlán team, was an investment of 700 million pesos by the State Government.


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