AMLO plans on auctioning off 400 lots at Playa Espiritu


Through a social front led by Tobías Lozano Solorza, it is intended that the president consider that the auction of 400 lots does not affect the coastline

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Representatives of the business, social, and city council sectors, came together to create a defense front for the Integrally Planned Center “Playa Espíritu” of Escuinapa, which is intended to be auctioned through four hundred lots by the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. 

AMLO analiza desarrollar proyecto turístico en Playa Espíritu : Inmobiliare

Tobías Lozano Solorza, the citizen counselor of the Implan Rosario, expressed that they will seek through the understanding of the federal and state authorities so that the December draw does not destroy the project that was proposed for years and that began with a millionaire investment because this it would generate an unattractive detriment to future hotel projects on the coastline. 

“To be able to reach the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and to be able to start a dialogue because, in our opinion, what is wanted to be done in urban planning with the famous CIPS property ‘Playa Espíritu’, obviously it comes to destroy an entire project that has been it has been developing over the years ”.

He indicated that the Playa Espíritu project has been stopped by groups from the Mazatlán hotel community, who have sold it as a non-viable project, which has also been replicated by people close to the President, however, regionally it would be an important generator of development.

Ismael Díaz Murillo, president of the Baluarte-Presidio Committee, explained that economically the development of the Santa María dam and its completion by the end of 2023, would improve the conditions of the water, which could currently be distributed at low levels if put into operation, but that would detonate in the future. 

“What is someone going to do who took it away from Tabasco, there is he going to have it abandoned or is he going to sell it to his compadre, each lot is going to have a different destination, then basically the project died, but if they do it in lots well organized in a preserve for the tourist development that is really occupied, so that the region and the population have a future ”.

The group made up of Hugo Fletes Montaño and Ismael Díaz from Cobalpre, Héctor Ulises Milan from Uscadsin, José Luis Simental, a social fighter, Miriam Simental Plascencia and Luis Lizárraga, from the Escuinapa City Council, asserted not to seek to interfere in the visit that the President will have for this purpose. weeks south of Sinaloa, but they hope that he finds out about the real problem that would come with a not well-planned auction.


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