Video: Motorist exhibits the terrible conditions of the section between Sonora and Sinaloa


In a video that circulates on social networks, it is appreciated how damaged the federal section in Sonora is

A motorist captured in a video the drastic change of the state in which the federal highway México 15 is located, in the limits of Sonora with Sinaloa

In a recording, it is seen how just before reaching Sinaloa, in the territory of Sonora, the road is in terrible condition full of potholes, some of them filled with dirt.

“It’s filled with dirt all over the place, thank goodness someone bothered to fill it in because it really is a horrible road. It is something that I hate, it bothers me, it disturbs me… there are too many holes ”, the motorist comments through social networks.

The images show the exact moment when this person arrives in the state of Sinaloa and the change is drastic due to the good condition of the road.

“It can’t be possible, what a mother’s $%#&$%, what a slap they just gave us in Sonora, no?. Dear Sonora Governor, what’s up?? This hurts, ” This is embarrassing.


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