Erosion of the Jabalines stream threatens homes in Mazatlán


Torrential rains from “Nora” dragged a margin of land that separated them from the tributary, now neighbors fear that the water will carry away their houses

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Neighbors of the Burócrata subdivision fear losing their homes due to the erosion problem currently registered by the Jabalines stream, since during the last torrential rains of “ Nora ”, the water overflowed and dragged the entire shoreline that separated from the tributary.

Currently, the stream bank is 1 or 2 meters from their property, so they ask the Mazatlán City Council, through the Directorate of Public Works or Welfare and Social Development, to find a fundamental solution to this erosion problem. that puts their homes and other buildings on the banks of the stream at risk.

They pointed out that their concern is that this rainy season another atypical storm such as “Nora” will be registered and the water will carry away what remains of the stream bank and with it the perimeter fences and part of their houses that are already a few meters from the river.

They said that they will draw up a list of signatures to make a formal request to the Presidency and the General Secretariat of the City Council, and address this urgent matter due to the risk it represents for dozens of families who live next to the Jabalines stream.

They even said that if possible they will ask to be taken into account to participate in the Open Town Hall of the City Council, and expose their problem there.

They reported that another issue that afflicts them is that the drainage sewers on Cuauhtémoc Avenue and Guadalupe Victoria Street are constantly collapsing and spilling sewage in front of their houses, which will lead to the Jabalines stream.

This matter, they commented, they have already reported it many times, but the problem remains.


The Mazatlan Post