Administrative Justice Court Requests Resignation of Mazatlán Municipal Treasurer, Javier Alarcón


According to a judicial order of the Superior Chamber of the Administrative Court of Justice, which at the same time received a request from a Federal Court, the immediate dismissal of Javier Alarcón as Municipal Treasurer of Mazatlán was requested, and his disqualification from any public office for ten years informed the lawyer Antonio Aguilar Colado.

According to the lawyer and whoever was in this government the Director of the Government and Legal Officer, stated that this petition has been coming for several administrations due to a demand from a man with the surname Osuna, from whom the municipal government “expropriated” a piece of land for the construction of a public school.

Mr. Osuna filed a lawsuit for 37 million pesos and during several administrations, in the style of “Nafta and Lubricants case” of the AREH Group, they refused to pay and the “hot potato” came to the government of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and Treasurer Javier Alarcón for “their payment” to which they have been systematically denied, emphasized Aguilar Colado.

Once all the instances of law have been exhausted, now the Administrative Court of Justice rules, before the municipal contempt, demands the immediate resignation of the official and his disqualification for up to 10 years.

Aguilar Colado said that as Legal Director he knew at the time he knew about the lawsuit, but the decision to pay was up to Mayor Benítez Torres and, where appropriate, to pay the Municipal Treasurer.


The Mazatlan Post