Shootings across Mazatlán last night, Mayor claims they are isolated incidents

AK-47 shells
Last night's shooting in Insurgentes and La Marina "is not to alert us";

Last night’s shooting in Insurgentes and La Marina “is an isolated incident say Mayor

Benítez Torres, said that fortunately no more injuries where reported, except for a passerby who was passing through the place and was wounded by a bullet in the arm

The shooting that took place last night between armed groups on Insurgentes avenues and La Marina, is an event that should not alert us,” said the municipal Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“I did hear something of that, they are things that had not happened in Mazatlán for a long time and they are events that surely are not to alert us, it will be resolved. Last night they detained some people.

“Mazatlán is a city with falling crime rates in every way, this is a fact that draws our attention, but fortunately it was an isolated incident,” he insisted.

The municipality refused to provide more information because he did not have all the information about what happened last Tuesday night.

Another armed confrontation was recorded during the early hours of this Thursday where the balance was four people dead, a burned vehicle, and damage to different homes due to bullet holes.

What the municipal public security secretary, Inspector Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, pointed out as an isolated case of Tuesday’s shooting, the reality is that this already looks like a war.

Neighbors on Veracruz and Michoacán streets in the Sánchez Celis neighborhood experienced an ordeal when they heard the loud detonations.

According to the information obtained, a large group of armed people went hunting, intercepting the occupants of a Honda City vehicle, who exchanged shots, and when they were outnumbered, the occupants of the sedan were killed, not compliant, the rivals set them on fire, being completely charred.

Elements of the Veterans Fire Department arrived at the site, once the fire was controlled, they confirmed that the occupants of the Honda were charred.

Until now, the victims remain unknown, but they were the weapons themselves that were protected as evidence by elements of the State Attorney General’s Office.

Almost a hundred shells were the signs that were located in the war zone.

More details

Neighbors denounced this writing that the authorities took 40 minutes to respond to the call, the response time lasted a long time to be a central area.


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