Sectur will move to the old Military Hospital in Mazatlán


The undersecretary of Tourism announced that for the second week of October the change will be made, which will save the new government 4 million pesos a year

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The change of offices of the Secretariat of Tourism of Sinaloa, from Del Mar Avenue to the facilities where the Military Hospital was in Olas Altas, will begin in the coming weeks.

The Undersecretary of Planning, Investment and Tourism Development of the Sectur, Juan José Ruiz González, assured that the change of offices is a fact, it is planned to begin in the second week of October because work is still being done on the remodeling of the place.

We are planning that in what we have left we will be able to make the change, so that the new administration can already operate there, but we depend on the work being done in a timely manner and with all those inconveniences that sometimes cannot be done. resolve what we depend on today to prioritize the issue of health first, hopefully, that can be done, “he said.

He explained that in addition to Tourism, there will be more offices of the state government, the city council and there will also be the National Institute of Anthropology and History

It is going to create a kind of administrative unit, not of customer service, but of work in different areas of government, in a space that wants to adapt very well,” he said.

The state official announced that documentation is beginning to be filed in boxes and they are in the organization of everything.

The government of the state of Sinaloa announced last March that it planned to use the more than 7 thousand meters of the old offices to turn them into offices of the Ministry of Tourism and a space for exhibitions, which would save approximately 4 million pesos per year of rent.


The Mazatlan Post