Much Fuss and Little Tourism with Carnival Panorama say, Pino Suarez merchants


National tourism saves us

Yesterday, local and state authorities “threw the house out the window” to receive a reception protocol, band music and dance groups from the Institute of Culture, tourists from the first cruise after a year and a half of pandemic, the “Panorama” of the Carnival company, but little tourism landed -20 percent say the authorities-, and there was not much reflection in the economy at least in the merchants of the market of the Center of Mazatlán, “José María Pino Suárez”.

The main authorities were there at the docks to receive the cruise passengers, from the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to the state secretary of Tourism, Oscar Pérez Barros, meanwhile, in the images in the market they showed little tourism and a lot of police.

In the interview with Alejandro Ontiveros Arámburo, secretary of the board of directors of the “José María Pino Suarez” Market Tenants, he said that it must be understood that it is the “first cruise that arrives and perhaps tourists have their misgivings and reservations, but surely as the cruise season progresses, the walkers will come down in greater numbers to visit and get to know the attractions of the city. We see little tourism ”.

In another question, Ontiveros Arámburo indicated that merchants and the city benefit more from national tourism than international or cruise ships. “Cruise tourism spends, but it brings a more measured budget; It should not be forgotten that cruises offer them everything: lodging, food, and attractions… Meanwhile, national tourism, charters or those who arrive in their own car bring more possibilities to spend on the different products of Mazatlán ”.

He stressed that those who have “saved the economy of Mazatlán throughout the months of the pandemic are local and national tourists.”

On the other hand, Jesús Arellano Félix, pulmonia driver, said that little tourism fell from the first Carnival cruise and those who went out for a walk did so in buses “already captured” and without giving the taxi drivers a job opportunity. He said that there is still no international tourism and the one above is the Mexican “sandwicher” tourism that buys in Oxxo stores and is limited in its expenses.

Mucha Alharaca y Poco Turismo con el Crucero de Carnival


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