Mazatlan neighbors of the Palos Prietos subdivision want solutions to flooding problems


This time the overflow covers almost 100 meters or more that goes from Cruz Lizárraga street, to José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla, with a depth in some sections of almost 20 centimeters

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Every rainy season neighbors and merchants on Avenida Río San Lorenzo in the Palos Prietos neighborhood, have to prepare to go out in ‘pangas’ from their homes or businesses since there are more than 100 meters that are flooded before the slightest and sporadic precipitation.

In a route that Reacción Informativa carried out on the road, it was found that the flood covers almost 100 linear meters or more that goes from Cruz Lizárraga street to José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla with a depth in some sections of almost 20 centimeters.

Karla Escobar, a neighbor of Cruz Lizárraga, said that this problem occurs every year this season, so they struggle to get home by car and even more on foot.

“Look, it’s just raining and we are thinking about how we will get out after the house, the cars are damaged and if we cross the puddles on foot it will be worse because we get sick and we see that the authorities do nothing to drain the water. piece, “he commented.

Cristal “N”, a domestic worker, commented that they have filed complaints with the City Council to somehow prevent these puddles from remaining for days after the rains, however, they have done little to make the lagoons disappear, thus causing the discomfort of the drivers and of the same citizenship.

“We take it off. Days ago, in the past rains, they blocked the street to avoid major problems, but they did not drain and the water was there for days until it ran away, “he said.

Selma Quiroz commented that an attempt has been made to organize among neighbors to raise their voices and get the competent authorities to solve the problem, but neither has there been any echo or support among them.


The Mazatlan Post