Mazatlan hoteliers await change in covid traffic light


Businessmen in the sector implement promotions to encourage the arrival of tourists to the port during September and October

Mazatlán, Sin.- A few days after the end of the summer vacation period, the Mazatlán hotel sector has implemented a series of promotions and offers to encourage travel to the port.

José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association, stated that this strategy is to encourage the flow of tourists to the destination for the months of September and October, which is considered low season.

“Practically all the hotels are promoting the hard sale scheme, advertising with very attractive prices, that Sinaloa comes out of the red color could help a lot,” he said.

He commented that, although the people who are taking advantage of the opportunities, the reservation flow is slow, however, surely this will depend on what happens on August 22, when the epidemiological traffic light changes.

He considered that the hotel recovery of the port depends on the change of color of Sinaloa in the traffic light, that being in red caused a slowdown in reservations and therefore in occupancy.

For his part, the counselor of the Mazatlán Chamber of Commerce, Óscar Tirado, pointed out that if the state changes color at the epidemiological traffic light of the Federal Ministry of Health it will be encouraging, but that we must not lower our guard.

He indicated that the slight drop in cases that Mazatlán registers in the official numbers is not due to this new restriction, but the natural curve, however, in the streets the situation is different.

Visitors take advantage of their last days in the port. 

Therefore, he called on the public to continue complying with health protocols and the authorities not to give messages that could confuse and lower their guard, because it is already known what the results will be.

“Saying that the numbers are going down can make the population trust, I think it should be a clearer message that the pandemic is still strong so that the public continues to redouble its containment measures and be able to flatten the curve,” he said. .

Tirado Bernal indicated that the imminent return to classes and that some states have returned to the red at the epidemiological traffic light ended early with the influx of tourists to the destination.


The Mazatlan Post