Firefighters on alert for fires in Mazatlán


In seven months, the fire department attended 1,269 reports of various types in the city

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- From January to July, the Voluntary Fire Department of Mazatlán has attended 1,269 emergencies, of which 47% correspond to fires in vacant lots.

” We have 591 fires in vacant lots. In June and July they went down, right now with the rains everything turned green and it takes longer to start, autumn comes and the situation becomes somewhat difficult again,” said Saúl Robles, second fire commander.

In second place are the fires in houses-rooms, with 186 attention, and in third place the control of fauna, with 151.

“In wildlife control, we include rescues of dogs in canals, that a cat stayed on top of a pole or a tree; they call us to catch snakes, animals that people fear, which, either we release them or we go and We deliver them to the Aquarium, “he added.

Gas leaks rank fourth, with 80 attentions; and Vehicle fires are in fifth place, with 57 reports.

“Vehicle fires have been increasing, it is seasonal, the heat affects them, they are not given adequate maintenance or services, they turn on the air conditioning and sometimes there is an electrical failure and that is when it starts,” he added.

In the sixth place of the most recurrent emergencies are fires in small commercial premises, with 40.

“In recent days we have attended fires in homes and commercial premises that have their beginnings in the air conditioners, that is why we alert the public to carry out the necessary maintenance and revisions,” he recommended.


The Mazatlan Post