CAPTA receives complaints against hoteliers and service providers for price changes


Suggestions for information about proof of vaccination have also been received, as well as registrations of foreigners to receive a covid vaccine

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The director of the Center for Training and Attention to the Tourist, Astrid Macías Fregoso, announced that during these holidays there have been complaints from visitors against service providers and hoteliers.

“Complaints generally such as hotel services, service providers, changes in prices, were also observations, CAPTA has been to visit these businesses and they have understood and corrected it,” she added.

The municipal official said that suggestions have also been received to request information about proof of vaccination, information about this measure from the city council, as well as registration of foreigners to receive their vaccine against Covid-19.

Macías Fregoso described the current holiday season as “excellent” although he said it is too early to comment on it in figures given that there are still two weeks left to conclude.

“Right now we are doing very well, but I cannot give you numbers, we are waiting for the cruise on the 25th, we are preparing for that and I think it has been a coordinated job,” she concluded.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Fisheries, from August 12 to 15 there was 51 percent hotel occupancy.


The Mazatlan Post