Will the new Sinaloan governor eliminate toll road Fees on the Costera highway


The Sinaloa Political Front recalled that this was a road work built in the government of Antonio Toledo Corro with resources from the Sinaloans in which no debt or private investment was required

Sinaloa.- The Front Political Sinaloa propose to the government that will lead Rubén Rocha Moya from November 1 the removal of the toll on the Benito Juarez highway, also known as “La Costera” .

This front recalled that this is a work that was carried out during the government period of Antonio Toledo Corro, with investments made by Sinaloans and the State’s own resources, without resorting to indebtedness and private investment.

“It is an action of elementary justice for the pockets of thousands of Sinaloan families to eliminate toll charges on the Benito Juárez highway. It is fair to stop squeezing the pocket and the economy of the Sinaloan families that for more than 35 years have been paying these charges, “the organization said in a statement.

He added that they are convinced that the government of Rubén Rocha Moya will promote and promote public policies that benefit the economy of Sinaloa families.

“Dr. Rubén Rocha Moya is a man forged in the struggle of social struggle and with full knowledge of the problems faced by thousands of families living in marginalized areas and high poverty, so we are sure that he will act with a lot of social sensitivity and justice for all ”, he added.

This proposal was made since the constitution and formation of the Sinaloa Political Front in September 2020 and which was made public during the campaign and the electoral process as a commitment that all candidates should assume for the good of Sinaloa, he said.

He stressed that, therefore, it is not a temporary proposal as a result of the electoral results of June 6, 2021, but arisen with high social sense and responsibility.

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