Sales in Mazatlan shopping malls fall due to restrictions


Since the mandatory entry of the vaccination card, sales have dropped more than 50%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – More than 50% have reduced sales in the businesses of the shopping malls in Mazatlán due to sanitary restrictions in this wave of Covid-19 infections.

Carmen, an employee of a clothing store, confirmed that sales were already low, but decreased more than two weeks ago when it became mandatory to carry the vaccination certificate to enter public spaces.

And it is that many people commented that they stopped coming to the plaza because they did not have the card and another is that for these holidays many tourists stopped coming to Mazatlán because of him increased cases of coronavirus.

” Right now, which is the weekend, you see more people, but during the week most of the stores are alone and the food area is too, all of this is scary, ” he said.

He expressed that in that shopping center children are allowed access, however, in most of the premises they do not allow access to minors.

Meanwhile, a security guard in the square pointed out that the request for a vaccination document is in compliance with a provision issued by the municipal authority.

He acknowledged that many people get upset because they ask for the voucher, since, if they do not carry it, they cannot enter and that has considerably reduced the influx in the square.


The Mazatlan Post