The influx of diners in Mazatlan restaurants falls 60%


The red traffic light and the request for the vaccination certificate caused many people to stop going to restaurants

Mazatlan, Sin.- The restaurant sector Mazatlan recorded a fall of diners over 60% in the last two weeks, as part of the effects of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

The president of Canirac, Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, said that by increasing the number of active infections of coronavirus in Mazatlán, many families opted not to go consume food at businesses.

In the last week, the influx of people in public places in Mazatlán dropped a lot. 

He commented that another factor that added to this drop in diners is the new municipal provision, presenting the vaccination certificate to enter any space, although this measure, in the long run, will help the destination to avoid more infections of the virus.

He recalled that for this summer vacation period, sales expectations were high, however, due to different factors, sales decreased by more than 60%.

“All this scared the population and they stopped consuming, they stopped visiting places below 50% and right now with the measures of requesting the certificate, under even more, we think together in the Canirac that in the long run will translate in something positive, because in the face of the possibility of a fourth wave of infections, we are going to protect ourselves, “he said.

Becerra Rodríguez indicated that the members of the chamber reinforced the service at home or only take away in some cases, while this wave that reached Mazatlán strongly diminishes.

He pointed out that there is an agreement between all the restaurants not to layoffs of their staff at this time, but to join forces to move forward unless a business has the need to close permanently.


The Mazatlan Post