Sinaloa and Baja California Sur sail together to trigger cruise ship tourism


Rocha Moya said that these natural and cultural charms will be improved for the reactivation and increase of tourist cruises

La Paz, Baja California SurElected Governors of Sinaloa and Baja California Sur met with Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association to publicize the natural charms of these two states.

Governor-elect Rubén Rocha Moya said that these natural and cultural charms of the destinations of Sinaloa and Baja California Sur are open and will be improved for the reactivation and increase of tourist cruises, including with the establishment of local circuits.

“There are extraordinary natural beauties here, we want to improve land destinations, that instead of tourists arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon, they can sleep one night, because we offer them regional tourism, bird watching, ecotourism” He said.

Rocha Moya pointed out that the cruises represented by the FCCA in this region mainly visit the ports of Mazatlán and Los Cabos, for which he proposed to include Topolobampo and some other attractive destinations.

We as Governors-elect want to offer very regional experiences to cover points where cruise ships do not normally arrive. We do not rule out the idea that a cruise company is interested in covering these routes.

The next Governor of Sinaloa gave as an example that Topolobampo can be a port of entry for cruise passengers to access inland tourist destinations, such as the Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, through the railroad.

For his part, the Governor-elect Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío proposed to form a working team with the states of the Gulf of California region to develop routes and local offerings that may be interesting for tourists, such as Loreto, Puerto Peñasco, Guaymas, Mazatlán, Topolobampo, La Paz and San Blas.

The meeting was held at the express request of Michelle Paige, president of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, who expressed her interest in establishing a dialogue with the governors-elect of the northwest region, in order to learn their perspective and ideas about the cruise industry and its reactivation in the Mexican Pacific.

In response to the proposals of the governors-elect, Michelle Paige assured that the cruise industry is reinventing itself in the wake of the pandemic and, therefore, there is interest in working with communities and providing deeper experiences for travelers by offering longer stays.


The Mazatlan Post