Another street without parking in Mazatlán, Playa Gaviotas Ave remodel


The state governor said that since it is a very narrow and touristy road, the fact that vehicles are parked there hinders mobility

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After his visit to the port over the weekend and supervising the progress of remodeling the Playa Gaviotas avenue in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, the Governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, announced that they will prohibit parking on public roads once this road is inaugurated.

He said that in addition to being a very narrow street, it is very touristy, and the fact that vehicles are parked there hinders mobility; and will provide greater security to the pedestrian tourist.

The sidewalks are getting wider. 

“We have to take care of it, preserve it and beautify it, such as not allowing cars to park, because it is a narrow, touristy street, if vehicles are parked we will stop mobility, I think that will give a lot of security to the thousands of tourists who arrive out there, “he said.

On the other hand, merchants on the roads claimed they were unaware of these plans, although they already sensed it, as the sidewalks became wider.

“We didn’t know anything, nor did they tell us when they were going to remodel it, except this. The sidewalks were narrower before and they have already been made wider, I think for that purpose. In any case, our opinion does not count, they never ask us, and they have already done that, “said a merchant.

Although it is still not certain, they regretted the news, as sales have been down due to remodeling work and they fear that with nowhere to park, fewer customers will come to buy.

“It hurts us, if right now it is loneliness and that they are” vacations “, if there is parking there are more possibilities that they will come and buy, but if there is not? The governor, as a hotelier, must see this, because parking Hotel Playa is small and in high season it takes all that parking, “ lamented the employee of a souvenir shop.

When touring the area, it was observed that some establishments do have their own parking, in front of some shops few drawers were left for vehicles, but the vast majority are places for the sale of handicrafts and souvenirs, which do not have the space to offer this service, so they would be harmed.


The Mazatlan Post