2021’s Ultimate Energy Saving Tips for Homes and Offices


Energy bills can eat into your profits. That’s why you should cut them down. There are several ways of cutting down on energy consumption. From bringing in LEDs to investing in controls, you have several options on the table. The following tips and tricks will help you cut down on your business energy costs.

Energy-Efficient Best Practices

Not all utility companies are the same. But most of them usually have off to high peak seasons. So, try your best to only utilize electricity during the low-peak times. Sensitive your employees about the importance of adopting energy-saving strategies and you’ll be surprised to see how your energy costs will significantly reduce.

Energy Audit

Hire a professional auditor to audit your company’s energy usage. Most utility companies provide their customers with free energy audit programs to make sure that they’re utilizing energy efficiently. So, feel free to contact them to see if they can help you pinpoint potential areas to reduce your energy costs.

Replace Your Bulbs

Get rid of those old bulbs. Replace them with CFLs or LEDs. These lights aren’t just affordable but they’re also energy efficient. Plus, they last longer than traditional forms of lighting. Research shows that LEDs can reduce your energy costs by up to seventy-five percent.

Minimize Paper Wastage

Only use the printer when necessary. This will minimize paper wastage and help reduce your energy costs. Plus, this will play a significant role in extending the lifespan of your printer.

Switch Off Machines That Are Not Being Used

Consider switching off all appliances during the holidays. These include your printers, air conditioners, scanners, as well as, microwaves. Remember, they’ll continue drawing power even when they’re plugged in. Turning them off when not in use can reduce energy consumption. And this can translate to significant money savings.

Bring In Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are designed to automatically regulate the temperature of your home or office. Keep the thermostat away from mechanical devices, drafts, and direct sunlight. Opening the windows for natural airflow can also help in reducing the energy costs associated with air conditioning.

Temperature Controls

Controlling your home’s temperature is another way to minimize energy costs. It’s recommended to keep your environment at 25ºC in summer and about 20ºC in winter. It’s also important to avoid heating areas that are rarely utilized. For instance, your storage rooms, as well as, the cleaning rooms. If there are any drafts in your home, be sure to fix them immediately. They can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs.

Key Takeaway

Don’t let the high cost of energy pin you down. Of course, the cost of energy is high. However, that doesn’t mean giving up on saving on energy bills. Use the right bulbs. Bring in controls to your home. Get it right when doing business energy comparison. Seal all the openings into your home.

The Bottom-Line

Keep your energy costs down. Eliminate wastage. Bring in energy-saving bulbs. Invest in the right controls. Use the above tips and tricks to reduce energy consumption in your company.

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